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Weight management and lose weight with MJP Hypnotherapy

Want to lose weight? Need help with weight management?

Britain is vastly becoming a country with more overweight people than almost any other country in the world. It is no suprise that people are overweight in todays lifestyle, snacking, chocolate, take aways, microwave meals, lack of exercise are a few reasons that can lead to being overweight. We can help by using hypnotherapy to help you lose weight or weight management

You may have been on a diet before and remember what it was like...
you may have felt deprived of things you like, hungry, frustrated and you may have even found it hard to find something that falls within your calorie allowance for a particular hour of the day. Many people also find that diets can be very expensive and only a short term result, after all, most diets are run by profit making companies....

How is hypnosis different with losing weight?

We use hypnosis to find the reason you are overeating as many people overeat due to habitual or emotional reasons. It could be that you eat because you are bored or maybe because its that time of day where you have to have your biscuits with your afternoon cup of tea... what ever the reason (of which you may not be aware) we use hypnosis to break your current cycle and bring about positive changes in your diet and enabling you to lose weight today!

Hypnotherapy enables direct access to the unconscious mind, to enable a change to the old eating habits and to resolve any emotional reasons for over-eating. Hypnotherapy and NLP can allow you to have a change of attitude towards the food that you eat. So that you no longer want to snack on crisps or chocolates, or finish everything on your plate even if you are not hungry. This enables you to enjoy eating healthily and at the same time lose weight in a safe and natural way.

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