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removing unwanted bad habits and addictions with hypnotherapy

Break those bad habits and addictions NOW!!!

We are by nautre "creatures of habit". Throughout our lives we learn to do many things but dont nessecaily realise we are doing it. For example learning to talk and walk are learnt actions that we were taught from a very young age. Because it is a highly repetitive action they form into habits or addictions, i.e. something we do without thinking about it. Most people think its just the way they are, genetics, this is not true.

Good and bad habits

Everybody has habits and addictions, some are good and some are bad. At the time of creating the habit or the addiction, the un-conscious mind did so for what it beielved to be a good positive reason. Over time the good habits, which were created for a reason, no longer remained good and became a negative. Your conscious mind decided to stop those habits however your un-conscious mind (the part that is in control) still beleives it is doing a good thing. It is this internal fight between the 2 minds that stops you from moving on.

How does hypnosis help?

Hypnosis is a unique tool that allows us to bypass the parts that are fighting and go straight into the sub-conscious mind. It is from here that we can use your powerful imagination to completely and simply break the habit or addiction and replace it with a brand new positive one.

Some common habits and addictions

So no matter if you have a habit, an addiction or both habits and addictions that you would like to break just contact us and we can help.